Thursday, September 10, 2009

I made zee pillohs!

Fabric is from Anna Maria Horner's collection called Drawing Room

Finally used the fabric I purchased a long ass time ago to make these for the living room. Plus I learned how to sew a zipper.

By learn, I mean took 15 minutes to figure out what a 'zipper foot' was and another 40 to flip the pillow shell back and forth with the zipper pinned in different places to figure out what will/won't show when it's finished.

Even if it's a soup can covered in construction paper, making something for my damn self makes me the happiest little laura in the world. I could almost be nice to someone.


Heather said...

LOVE the fabric

lollygagger said...

agreed. LOVE the pattern. I wanna make pillows.

Claire said...

Pretty pillows! You did a great job =)