Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I SEE: vector shadows on type

Wedding Invites by Katie Kirk (via Paper Crave)

Perhaps an effort towards clean and controlled design, these vector drop shadows, specifically on type, are taking over where gradients (ptooey!) have left off in recent years.

Hoboken Pie identity by Decoder Ring Design Concern (via designworklife)

I think they have been primarily found on beer and spirits labels in the past. Actually, anything that gets a gold foil treatment and a ribbon banner has been fair game. But now the effect is being paired up with basic, capital letters and bridging a gap from retro to modern.

Coaster by Mikey Burton (via yay!everyday)

For more examples check out my flickr or, for a total overload, check out Jessica Hische. She uses this design technique like her life depended on it. An amazing typographer and all, but she clearly has her go-to methods ifyouknowwhati'msayin'*.

*what I'm sayin' is that I'm totally jealous and her talent makes me want to
punish myself for not being born her creepy clone with comparable skills.


Mr. McBastard said...

Will you design my tombstone?

renee said...

love love LOVE that ohio piece