Wednesday, October 14, 2009

OMG I NEED THAT: Rock Revolution

Knitting cozies for food is for namby pambys, but hoarding rocks and naming them is for the big time. Furthermore, Pebble Pet accessories are so hard core they blow my mind.

Does Junior want to get involved in the Rock Revolution? Of course he does, the little attention whore. This next book taps into the little guy's imagination with wily-named projects that should embarrass you to say out loud. The tomfoolery on the horizon is palpable, and the possibilities are limited to 10!

Please be advised that painted rocks are neither loving or edible. If heart or teeth should become broken, in part or in whole, due to the impossibly stupid use of these products, please send all comments and complaints to human resources and then allow 6-8 weeks for a response as you are ridiculous and tacky.
High-Definition paint not included.

It'll look like you ACTUALLY painted something!

All images are from the Fall 2009 North Light Shop catalog.


austyn elizabeth said...

did you find these in skymall?

laura marie said...

no these are from the north light shop catalog I mentioned in the very last (tiny) line.